OpSec Prime, Inc. was founded by Tom Elerowski in South Carolina, out of sheer necessity during a time when it seemed corporations all over the world were succumbing their datastores to bad actors, hackers, social engineers, etc. Tom's mission is quite simple -> To provide the world his knowledge and toolsets necessary to build, implement and enforce custom cybersecurity solutions. This concept is a constant learning process that involves time, research, teamwork, and the dedication of all involved. We put our egos aside and we tackle the greatest task ahead. To do so, we need to start somewhere. Site assessment and security posture is key. Cybersecurity is NOT a once-and-done process! Anyone who thinks that is in the wrong business! It must be reviewed, updated and tested regularly. If there's something we don't know, we research it until we do! Breaches and intrusions have been greatly reduced by implementing proper policies and procedures, if not mitigated completely! Don't wait!! Tom's waiting for you to contact him! Best wishes!!


Years of Service to our Computing Community!

Throughout the years, he have been able to successfully prevent breaches from happening. Everything from end-user training on what legitimate emails look like to recognizing spoofed systems. Sometimes you just need a second set of eyes to double-check things, and it certainly can't hurt. There have been many findings and observations that lead to successful remediations.

  • Risk & Security - Posture Analysis
  • Procedure & Policy Documentation
  • Train & Educate
  • Annual Assessment & Review
Core Operating Strategy:
  • Security Reviews (DHS, FBI, CISA, etc.)
  • Verification of Current Risk Levels (OSPI & Client)
  • Security & Risk Management Plan (Status & Health)
  • Disaster Recovery (Data Backups & Offsite Archives)
  • Business Continuity (System Operations at a Loss)
  • Never Stop Learning! (Bad Actors Don't, So Why Would We?)

Contact Us

info@opsecprime.com | +1.951.638.6899